Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Finished Objects

I've finally gotten back into working on the tiny forest pendants I began last fall. (here, here, and here)  They're a bit fiddly, because they're so small, but I really have been having fun stitching them.  I completed fall and winter this past weekend.
 They're very dimensional and two sided.  This is fall, above and below.
You can see the scale from my fingers holding up the pendant. Tiny.
  And here are the two sides of the winter forest.  I may go in and add some darker specks to the birches.  This was insipred by an early winter visit to Pilcher Park in Joliet...there was snow on the ground and yellow leaves floating everywhere. The sunlight was particularly golden in the late afternoon.
 For a bit of fun on Sunday I stitched up this Dimensions kit bib for my new great-nephew, who should make his appearance in about four months.


Jenny Woolf said...

How sweet! I specially like the blue one. And the bib - wow! lucky baby. It reminds me of the beautiful tea towels you did for us, somehow, in style.

Southpaw Stitcher said...

Your forest pendants are very creative, but I would expect nothing less from you! I love the winter one.