Friday, May 22, 2015

Memorial Weekend

Memorial Day was a big deal when I was a kid, not so much these days.  Another day to shop for most.  We usually go the the cemeteries but this weekend may be do rainy. Whatever you do, I hope you find peace and joy.

I've actually done some stitching lately but don't have photos.  I do have some more garden photos.  I've been working on walking more and this spring I've added a daily stroll around the house (not much of a walk, really, but I like it enough to be motivated to do it daily).  
 A huge columbine plant in the sage pot.
 Leaves in the sun.
 When I was a child, I remember someone, probably my grandmother, had a hat with little red velvet oak leaves. Now I see where the idea came from. Velvety red little oak leaves in our yard. 
In one of the Outlander books (Diana Gabaldon), there's a comment that in North Carolina you plant corn when the oak leaves are the size of squirrel ears. These are quite a bit larger now, but I noticed them a few weeks ago, when they would have been the signal for planting.

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