Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Finally Spring

It's warming up in Chicago. I took these photos on Sunday. The rain that is falling this week was needed.
I'm still not stitching much, but I did plant Kale in the pots recently. The kale nursery is above.
This tulip was transplanted from Grandpa Max's garden many years ago as a remembrance. He had an awesome garden. The tulip hasn't bloomed in years, but this year it blessed us.
On my walk on Sunday I was intrigued by the sidewalk covered by pollen/seeds/something. Wouldn't this make a nice background fabric? 
This past weekend we went out to Lubeznik galleries in Michigan City for the annual display from the local schools. As usual the color, exuberance, and joy jumps off the walls. 

This last photo is from one of the gallery shows (the other is self portraits this time and just felt too personal to photograph).  This is part of a lovely display of ceramics by a Korean artist, Taehoon Kim. 

More kid art next time.

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Anonymous said...

Lovely to see art still being valued for children when it's being squeezed from the curriculum here. And those little ceramic faces are adorable!