Thursday, June 4, 2015

Finished Projects--and a finishing project

I've been plugging away, a bit at a time, at a few projects and suddenly I have some finishes!
This pendant and pin are stitched on wood. From a kit that came with Molly Makes magazine. They're really cute but I broke four or five needles stitching them.
This was a cross-stitch kit I got at House of Stitches. It was huge fun--perle cotton on linen. Now I'm hunting for a 6" square frame for it.
This is another stocking, Star in the Meadow by Patricia Mazu, an ANG web special project from a while back. I changed the color way this time.   You can see the first stocking here.
I thought I'd show how I finish ornaments like this.  First I photocopy the finished stitching so I can make an exact pattern.  The one on the left has a seam allowance added, the one on the right is for cutting the felt backing.
Since the canvas is open on this design, I wanted to add a backing to complement it. I used gold felt. I tacked it with neutral thread all around the edge. 
Then I clipped the curved areas of the design and turned the canvas back smoothly along the edge and tacked it to the felt.  I mitered the top corners.

In a solid needlework design, I skip the felt and turn the canvas and tack it to the back of the stitches.

I've cut out the backing, top photo above. I'm going to press the seam allowances back, trimming the curves, so the front and back match.

Since this is a stocking and I want it to be open, I'm going to line it. I have my lining silk picked out. It's in a wad, so the next step is to get out the ironing board and iron.

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