Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Spring moving toward Summer

Our weather's been a bit crazy here--steam bath one day and chilly the next. Today's on the cool side with on and off rain. But all this rain is making the garden happy.  The catalpa tree in our yard is full of blooms. They smell wonderful.
You can see how the sun was going in and out.
They don't last long and to walk in the yard is to be showered with blossoms.  The light blossoms are blown all the way to the front yard, to make flower strewn paths.
 Below is our back yard.  We didn't intend for the bricks stacked on the sidewalk to become a garden feature, but the walk is too tilted to use and the plants in the bricks flower so nicely....
 A couple of weeks ago Hubby potted these Galliardia plants that have been reseeding around our yard for years. Our neighbor had a tree taken down and, as expected, the workmen trampled where the garden had been.  We were both happy he'd thought to move them out of harm's way.
 For now, they're happy in their pots.  We'll soon move them back into the ground.

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Southpaw Stitcher said...

Your garden photos are lovely. I remember as a kid we used to take the catalpa flowers and "wear" them on our fingertips!