Friday, July 10, 2015

More Layers

 Here is layer five done--I like it and I like the feeling of depth I'm getting. I was surprised by how much the simple embroidery added to it.
 Layer 6 and I'm not so sure.  Here it is appliqued. I set it aside to look at and think.
While thinking, I pinned on the next partial layer, designed to show the insides of the large wheel. I like the way it highlights the spokes, add back focus and depth, and tones down all that turquoise, so I think I'll go ahead and stitch it down.  Next I want to add some detail embroidery around.

That may not be for a week or two.  These two weeks are our Summer Institute and things are beyond busy. I love it--we have 80 faculty and graduate students here from around the world. They're a lovely, friendly, very nice group and I'm having a great time getting to know them. But I'm going home and crashing each night.

It's helping my walking--I've walked just about as much every day this week than I'd done in an entire week before!  But I'm looking forward to a quiet weekend and perhaps a nap each day.  Next week will be another fast paced circus.

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