Friday, December 21, 2007


I've been working on my ring bearer pillow but it's slow going. I don't have another scan yet because there's not much new to see. I finished the silk wings and have begun couching the metallic outline of the crane's head and center body. Once that's done I'll scan it.

When visiting the hyperbolic crochet exhibit at the Chicago Cultural Center, I spotted an old cigarette vending machine. It was an Artomat!

I'd read about them but never seen one. My friend and I were quite excited and both got tokens to buy some art!
I got an incredible quilt: M is for Minimalism by Sharon Benton. My friend Sharon got some lovely black and white bead earrings. Later on another friend, Däryl, got a cool piece of collage art. The art is packaged to the size of the old, soft cigarette packages and each piece is wrapped in celophane.
Since my name begins with M, I was quite pleased to have gotten the "M" quilt! I also had fun exploring the fiber artist Sharon Benton's site. If you have an opportunity to visit an Artomat do--it's a load of fun.
I want to wish everyone a lovely Christmas holiday and Happy New Year! Since the wedding is a week away, I may not get time to post again until the new year.


Anonymous said...

I've never heard of an Artomat... sounds fabulous!

Lelia said...

Was it in the Cultural Center? Where did you spot the machine? I was there on Wednesday -- but, cannot recall seeing it.

Enjoy the wedding festivities : ) Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Sweet Pea said...

I've never heard of one either, but you can bet I went to their site and looked for locations near me (and where we travel). What a cool concept!!!

ArtGirl said...

Marjorie! So glad you like my art-o-mat art! I've had a great time making these little guys. I am working on the last 6 letters now. What the heck am I going to do for Z? :-)
I've updated my web site recently - different look and more art-o-mat pieces.

I enjoyed seeing your work - and was especially intrigued with your photo transfer methods.