Monday, December 17, 2007

lost pictures

I got a lot done this weekend, but with a slip of the finger this morning I lost my photos. I'll try to rescan them tonight. When I got going, I really got going: I stitched about twelve hours Saturday. Thanks for your encouragement, Barbara.

I didn't get to pick up a needle yesterday until late in the evening so it was good I'd done a lot Saturday.

Yesterday we had about 6-8" of snow to get shoveled, the usual weekend chores, plus I fulled two hats I'd knitted and plan to give for Christmas. The hats take forever to dry and I have six more to do (with one still on the knitting needles). I'd forgotten the toll felting takes on my hands (I prefer to do it by hand). Today my hands and arms are pretty sore.

In Saturday's mail I got back my Embroiderer's Guild of America Group Correspondence Course piece, Crewel Confidence by Judy Jeroy. I am over the moon with her evaluation! It is much better than my last one (Crewel Confidence). I grinned for hours. Here's the picture:

I tweeked a lot, from the colors to some of the stitches and placements. but didn't do anything major to the design. It was great fun and that must have shown in my stitching. Judy's ending comment was "It's been a pleasure to evaluate this piece; please continue with your study of crewel." Woo-hoo!

I think my next step will be the Crewel Individual Correspondence Course. I always intended to do it when Mary Dick-Digges was the leader, and never got to it. I wasn't ready then but perhaps I am now.

Trixietaxi: check out the hyperbolic crochet pages and the crochet reef and you'll be hooked, too. I did my little bits in just a few hours and had a blast. I trolled the sale bin at my lys for the fuzzy yarns I used on the edges. The base yarn is Noro. There are some great new crochet designs out there.


Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Wow congratulations on the glowing evaluation. Your piece came out beautiful so I can see why all the praise. HAppy Stitching

Cindy said...

Saw your link on Lelia's blog, so I'm stopping by to say hi :)

Congratulations on the great evaluation on your GCC piece! I need to do a better job of finishing up some of mine to be able to send them in!!

Jane said...

Marj, congrats on your crewel piece. It really turned out nice.
Do you think we got 6-8 inches? I was thinking it was more like 12 inches, maybe it drifted in our back yard.

Marjorie said...

Dear Old Yankee Stitcher and Cindy: thanks for your positive comments on my crewel GCC. Cindy, I don't always make the completion deadline with the correspondence courses and I really pushed to get this one done on time. I'm glad I did. Judy's evaluations are quite detailed and helpful.

Mary said...

What an absolute gorgeous crewel piece! I just love the colors. Congratulations on the evaluation. I can't wait to see the finished ring pillow.

Lelia said...

I'm gobsmacked! This is fabulous. I think Sue D [from NANI] was going to do this one & I don't think she finished. WOW : ) I'm so excited to see it completed.

Sweet Pea said...

That is a really gorgeous piece! No wonder you got such a great evaluation - congratulations!