Thursday, March 6, 2008

elephant hat

My husband brought home this hat for me to look at; it belongs to a friend. I just love it. I believe it was made in India and it doesn't look to be that old.

If anyone knows anything about this type of item, I'd love to know more.

What intrigued me most is the thread. I've been following along on the Plimoth Plantation blog about their recreation of a 17th Century embroidered jacket. They talked about matching the thread from their original model, where a fine wire was twisted with the silk. Take a look at this thread---it's cotton twisted with a fine wire.

I assume it's for the same reason it was used in the 17th century, to add sparkle and catch the light. The spangles are also handmade. And it looks like some bits of hardware, almost, are used for larger, dimensional spangles.

I found the historical connection amazing.


Jane said...

My boss brought in a tapestry from Thailand with the same type of work on it. ron was excited because the piece he had had a Christian theme (the nativity). He kept looking but never again found one with that type of theme. The figures were sort of 3 dimentional on a velvet type of background, but I didn't get a chance to study the threads.

kay susan said...

I think this is from Thailand. I was given a bag by my late SIL that has an elephant just like that, with the same kind of sequins, and those colours are definitely Thai.

kay susan said...

I forgot to say, I believe that is a dyed cotton thread - they make some super cotton threads in Thailand - modern, and the article made for the tourist market.