Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Silly Fun

Last week I found a set of stickers on sale at Michael's. They said "Bella," "Pretty as a picture," "beautiful," and other sweet phrases. Well, a friend's granddaughter is named Bella so I just had to get them!

I added an inexpensive wood frame and letter B, some paint and glitter that I had and a set of 3-D sticker flowers (stickers by K&Company) and for less than $5 I have a really cool frame! Before giving it to my friend, I removed the painted and glittered over center cardboard and added a photo of the frame's namesake.

I think my flu has lingered a bit and I haven't felt much like focusing and stitching so this project was a perfect crafty filler.

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Lelia said...

Oh GF, I luv it!!!