Friday, July 4, 2008

Frottage and TIF

Since I had to come in to work on a holiday, I decided to get in a blog post. I had fun in my office yesterday with an exercise from the Journals class--frottage (rubbings). I have a little box of 2" squares that I made after sending others off to the Pink Art Doll Project. (a few are pictured here)

I used a 6B pencil and plain paper and made rubbings of my art squares and various other things in my office.

Last night as we watched Chicago's big fireworks show, I cut them up and pasted the resulting pieces into my Journal. Boy, is this fun!

And I was totally amazed of the things I found to take rubbings of. When I walked into my office and looked, I thought there's nothing here. But once I got going it was really hard to stop.

I used a 2" square window to find designs in my rubbing page of the art squares and I cut them out. I used a 1" square window to cut out my other rubbing page.

I also spent some time last night thinking about the June TIF theme. I made some jottings in my TIF journal along the lines of what I wrote in yesterday's post and then went a bit further and sketched out some ideas for making a milestone page. Right now I'm liking the idea at the bottom of the page and trying to think about where I might find gray wool felt in the middle of summer. I should go online shopping today.

All of this Journaling activity has meant that I haven't taken a single stitch all week. I need to figure out how to better balance things.

Well, I'm off to the meeting I came in today for. Then, tonight, Fireworks!


Linda said...

Love your idea for this month's TIF. I'd tried thinking along similar lines but had only got as far as a see-saw, or similar point of balance. The milestone is great!

(Didn't realise you are doing Studio Journals as well!)

Jane said...

If you want, I can look for grey wool in my stash... I'm not sure if I would have a big enough piece.
I cut out muslin backing for 12 TIF pieces! and journaled about them. No stitches yet.