Thursday, July 17, 2008


Sharon B pointed out a way-cool website where you can make kaleidoscopes from your own images. Here are a couple of mine. The first two are from two different detail shots of a crazy quilt box top I made a while back (scroll down a bit on this page). I love the lacy look of them and can see them interpreted in embroidery or printed onto fabric for insets or buttons.

The third image is from a cone doll I made using a kit from Art Girlz. Pictured here on Flickr.

I found the process takes a bit of patience. You need to have the photo on the Internet and then you need to go to the properties of the image to get the url. After you make your kaleidoscope and make it a jpg then you have to save as to capture the image. I found that images with a lot of background around them don't work well--you need an all-over image for it to work best.

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