Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bookworm Award

Pat Winter tagged me for the Bookworm Award
The rules for this award are:

Open the book closest to you, not your favorite or most intellectual book, but the book closest to you at the moment, and turn to page 56.

Write out the fifth sentence, as well as two to five sentences following that.

And pass the award on to five blogging friends.

Pat suggested I might have a law book nearby. Well, I do, I’m surrounded by them since my office is a law library and my office shelves are full of books and journals. However, the book on my desk right now is the Chicago Manual of Style, 15th edition. Which does not have five sentences on page 56, because it is the tail end of a chapter. It’s also boring.

The second closest book is the novel I brought to read at lunch. It’s sitting on the back desk. That has a much better page 56. Here are sentences five and six: “Her head bent in mute acknowledgment and she made no demur at the soft, loving intimacy of the name. He drew her backward to the divan, pressed her into the cushions.” (Bold Destiny by Jane Feather)

I pass this award onto Leila at Stitches of Life II where she writes about her reading, World Embroideries we pass books back and forth but who knows what she's reading now, Averyclaire because I’d like to know what she’s reading, and From Somewhere in Time another person always surrounded by books and who finds really interesting things to read. I know that’s only four but that’s all I can come up with today.

I would love to know what you're reading now but don't feel the need to pass this on. I have really mixed feelings about "chain letters" and "awards." This one seems interesting and piqued my curiosity.


Lelia said...

Well, Thx Marjorie!!! I am actually reading more than one book & this is interesting.

I"ll put up a post later this week.

Your shopping spree exhausted me & I was just reading!!! LOL

And, did you find Floche? At Designer's Desk? Is it still being made?? Just curious.

PS I finally finally re-did my sidebar on my blog & have a section for NANI bloggers. Also, up up the State Day 2009 ad : )

Lelia said...

I forgot to say, I'm reading more than one book ... Luncheon of the Boating Party by Susan Vreeland (think Renoir & Impressionism) -- recently finished the Girl in Hyacinth Blug (think Jan Vermeer painting passed along to various owners) -- and Knit Two (sequel) to Friday Night Knitting Club.

I did enjoy the Lace Reader, it was good cover-to-cover & also,a very quirky kewl book, The Monsters of Templeton (now in paperback)

Paula Hewitt said...

my goodness - i dont know how you get any work done reading that. grin.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Marjorie! Will post it soon. Will keep you in suspense.