Thursday, November 6, 2008

November TIF

Well, at first I wasn't sure about this month's TIF project. It didn't seem to me to be as personal as the others. So I thought perhaps I could make it personal by working up a cypher or monogram, perhaps combining my first initial with my husband's.

Flipping through magazines the other night I sat up and took notice when I saw "Cheap & Chic, Mixed Media Decor" by Linda Blinn in the Nov/Dec issue of Cloth Paper Scissors. She does lovely things with letterforms. And that got me remembering the fun I had with that when in Sharon B's Studio Journals class. So I've been playing around a bit with letters and text. I began in Word but moved to Photoshop.

Here's a doodle on the letter M. So now I'm really getting into this theme. I'm not sure where it will take me but for now I'm just doodling. I like the Gothic arches of the largest M.

This past weekend we visited one of our favorite places: the Oak Park Conservatory. It sure packs a punch for a small place. The meeting hall at the far end had a church service going on so we had Gospel music with our flowers.

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Anonymous said...

You always go to the most wonderful places...I need your list of fun things to do!!! SMILE