Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Shopping Day!

I had a shopping day out on Friday. It was a long day and I was exhausted when I got home, but also very satisfied. I had to go to Geneva, IL to get a new set of allergy shot vials from my doctor there. Usually when I head that way, I’ll make plans to see my sister but she had to work on Friday. We did a drop-n-swap at the doctor’s office (her doctor, too). I picked up my niece’s Christmas stocking (more on that later) and left a bag with Bubble Jet Set.

I headed out at about 6:20a.m.—way before my usual time. I watched the sun come up behind me as I drove west. I got to Geneva (about 65 miles) in time to stop at Panera for breakfast: an artichoke/spinach egg souffle and a huge cup of Earl Gray tea. (I checked out the nutrition information on that souffle and don’t think I’ll ever be having one of those again! But it was yummy!) After that I headed to the doctor’s office. I got my new vials and saw the doc for an annual “state of the allergies” check. Business done—playtime!

First I drove across the street to Coldwater Creek. I had a coupon burning a hole in my pocket. I found a lovely reversible jacket and gift for my sister-in-law. Then across the mall to Crate & Barrel. Here I had a gift card and I got a few more gifts and some kitchen scrubby sponges for us. I had $.03 left on my gift card when done.

Back to business. I headed north to St. Charles and Blue Goose where we buy Bell & Evans organic chickens. I’d brought a cooler and I stocked up. I also found a couple of food items for gifts. Back north to Geneva and Designer’s Desk.

I’d been there once since they had moved from Bloomingdale but that time hubby was waiting in the car. This time I took my time. I couldn't find a website for them but they are a really wonderful needlepoint and cross stitch stop with every fiber imaginable. Even the basement sale area is a delight.

My niece (of the stocking) has asked me to make her hubby a stocking. This was my first stop, to see if I could find some threads. When they were born, I made each niece and nephew a cross stitch and strip pieced very large Christmas stocking. My niece’s, made 22 years ago, featured her name and an angel in cross stitch. I’m going to satin stitch the name on this new one with perhaps some ribbon embroidery for a couple of designs. No lace. Bright red and green colors. (I don’t have a picture of the stocking and will try and get one later on.)

I also wanted to find some floche to use on this month’s TIF project. And I just wanted to bask in all of the fiberly goodness.

I splurged and purchased a spool of Gilt Silk Twist—purple. To accompany it, I chose a selection of coordinating threads from the sale room. I’m thinking a crewel type design with a pomegranate in detached buttonhole from the SGT.

Then it was time for lunch, phew! I walked up the street, window shopping all the way (Geneva, IL is full of lovely shops if you're a shopper or even a browser, I'm not really but don't mind window shopping) to Matsuri’s and had California roll, miso soup and tea.

On the stroll back to my car, I stopped in at Graham’s fine chocolates and ice cream. My brother-in-law loves the place and my brother is pretty fond of it, too. I got gift certificates for presents for them and a piece of dark chocolate toffee for me. I also found this nifty Advent calendar.

As I headed out of Geneva I stopped at American Science and Surplus. It’s a rather indescribable place but their website give a good feel for it. I get stocking stuffers there, odd things and some useful things.

This time I got bags of marbles for the guys' Christmas stockings, some other cool things, and sequin waste (also called punchinello). This is a long band of metalicized plastic with holes punched in it from where the sequins were punched out. I’ve seen some lovely things stitched with it couched down but it also makes a great stencil for printing fabric using paints, paint sticks, etc. I’ve long wanted some to play with and at $.50 for a package of three really long strips, I couldn’t pass it up. I got two packages! (there were different colors in each package but it doesn't really matter because the colors are really garish.

I head back south and east toward Naperville. My first stop there was at Stitches and Stuffing. I found some fabrics in my stash that I’d used in my nieces original stocking but I need more to fill it out. I got a solid rich red and a white-on-white “snowball” print to use as background for embroidery. I also found a couple of patterns I couldn’t pass up.

I went into downtown Naperville to stop at Penzey’s Spices to pick up some thyme and pepper. (I use a lot of pepper!) I've bought my spices from Penzey's since the late 70s or very early 80s.

My last stop was at Peaceful Heart fabrics. I got there just before they were closing and got some candystriped twill tape and a couple of holiday print fabrics. And some wool felt. They had a nice color selection in pieces in a variety of sizes. It was after five when I left. (This shop is well worth a visit--on my first visit there I found myself in the middle of a frenzied sale and all of the clerks were these islands of calmness and serenity. They are also the friendliest staff I've met, ever.)

I hit heavy traffic on my way home and got off to take a short drive through the Bolingbrook Mall to see what it was like. Then I got back on the road and back into more backed up traffic. I got off early and swung by Jo-Ann's to pick up some card blanks, see if they had ribbon I could use (they didn't) and to see if they had some prequilted Christmas fabrics to use for backing the stocking (if the did, I didn't see it). I got home a little after 7pm. I unpacked, put the food in the ‘fridge, and collapsed.

I'm happy I've gotten a start on my holiday shopping. I also found myself really getting into the mood of the season. And I've gotten fabrics and fibers together to get going on some projects. All in all a good day.


Karol said...

Sounds like you has a wonderful rewarding day.

Paula Hewitt said...

wow - what a day. did you stop at one peice of chocolate toffee, or eat a whole bag? (i know wha I would do). I will be interested to see your pomegranate in GST - i have been gifted some green.