Thursday, August 27, 2009

Long and Short

I'm all caught up with the silk shading and actually ironed it so you could see it. The top squares look skewed. Partly it's the angle of the photo, partly the optical illusion of the shading, but mostly, well, they are. They ironed flat. The drawing was square. I believe it was just the tension of the stitches on the fairly thin fabric. I rather like it, it looks more dimensional, but it wasn't intended.

The other sections went better. I found I liked working with the blues more than with the reds, which surprised me. It was a strong preference.

I'm really enjoying this and look forward to the next step. You can find this project here if you wish to follow along.


terryb said...

Thanks for posting the information on this project and Mary Corbet's website. For some reason I didn't investigate it that well the first time. I'm going to include it in our chapter newsletter and encourage my chapter mates to do a little exploring in Mary's backyard. Looks like there is a lot to learn there.

Mary Corbet said...

Looks terrific!! I'm with you on the blues vs. reds. I find this particular set of blue shades nice to stitch with, and for some reason, the elements stitched with the blue come out better. I'm not sure why that is!

The first set of greens for the first flat leave (center top) is nice, too - I hope you like it!

Great job! Your sampler's looking terrific!

Best regards,