Thursday, February 18, 2010


I'm a huge fan of the Olympics. I love it all, except for the overemphasis on winning and losing. Cummon--most times it's 1/100 of a second! I wish everyone could win and I think they're all winners just for getting there. And since 1968 I've approached the Olympics with an embroidery project in hand.

This year I was going to crochet on my bag, but I realized that I really need to get this bear done. It's a project that Homewood Embroiderer's Guild is doing for charity--we're stitching the bears and a member will sew them into softly stuffed dolls for a children's hospital.

Here's the progress I made this weekend.I don't remember all of my projects, but I do remember that one from the 1968 winter Olympics. I made a summer dress of muslin (beige cotton). I embroidered the pockets based on a design adapted from the cover of a Better Homes and Gardens book I'd found for $1 and persuaded my mother to buy for me. (the book was red and a quick search didn't turn up a picture of one online--I likely still have mine but have no idea where it is). The dress had pintucks on the bodice, a button and loop closure all down the front, and was so short I later wore it as a top!


Kim B said...

What a sweet bear for such a good cause! I haven't seen any of the Olympics this year. We've been much too busy! I enjoy the figure skating though. I'm sad I've been missing it.

Donna said...

So sweet! I need to get the pattern. I have to have a project for Relay For Life next year and a purple bear would be a huge hit!
And I love the Olympics too! Currently watching Evan nail the jumps!