Thursday, February 11, 2010

Out and About

What a difference some sun makes! In spite of a snowstorm on Tuesday, the sun's been shining into my office window off and on and it's bright today

I have a couple of fun sites to visit.

DMC's most recent blog post features tutorials for some nifty last-minute Valentine projects along with some links to others.

Over on Homewood Embroiderer's Guild there is a tutorial on how to make tied fleece afghans. We made a pile of them on Monday for a local hospital children's cancer treatment center. I love all of the photos of hands.

Sharon B posted a gift on her blog a few days ago--a handy embroidery stitch guide. The descriptions and photos are really clear.

Brenda's taken over the Comfort Doll Project and began a blog. Her first post gives directions on where to send your finished dolls.

I've been reading and really enjoying some very interesting discussions over on the Facebook Slow Cloth group. Very thought provoking and full of wonderful links and ideas.


Kim B said...

I love all the wonderful tutorials and ideas out there on the web!

Jenny said...

What a beautiful picture. It is a long time since we've seen a frost garden here in England!