Wednesday, June 2, 2010

for Averyclaire

On Friday my computer crashed with a virus. Happily, we have wonderful computer gurus who fix such messes and I'm more or less fixed. Right now it's like having a brand new computer with all of the configuring and setting up to be done over again. But it's great having it back! It also means I'm impossibly backed up and don't have time right now for a real post. Sorry. Here's some eye-candy.Last weekend was a great long weekend and I got a lot done. I ended up, however, spending hours sorting through things. Not because I wanted to, but because I couldn't find all those pieces of fabric I cut up early in May for the June guild meeting (which was last night). I finally found them, put away with other things that I wouldn't need right away. sigh.In the meantime, I came across a bag of fufos--finished unfinished objects. The stitching is done but the finishing isn't. Recently Averyclaire was worried about not finishing projects right away and I wanted to set her mind at ease--her few ornaments are nothing to worry about. So here are pix of my piles of fufos. (This is just one group of them. There are more.) Some need the expense of framing. Some need to be made up into ornaments or pillows. The dragonfly above--I have the perfect fabric for finishing it--but I've never been able to get the embroidery and the fabric in the same place at the same time to get on with it. And so it goes. Do you have piles and drawers of fufos, too?


Donna said...

Do we have piles and drawers full of FUFOS, too? You bet we do. You are so not alone.

Anonymous said...

I was getting a bit worried, but you have put my mind at ease now.
I would love to see EVERYONE's is very calming to me.

Rachel said...

Not quite "piles and drawers full" but certainly a box full, yes!

Fidget said...

LOL! Thank you so much for the new term FUFOs! Mine live in a box. :)