Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rainy weekend

We've had a string of off-and-on rainy weekends lately. Saturday we went to see the new Karate Kid. I really enjoyed it (and I hadn't expected to). I also spent time tracing the drawings for the crewel class. I found that the transfers really only worked once so I had to trace each design twelve times and iron each one onto the fabric. Where the lines weren't clear, I used a Pigma pen to draw them in. They're all done (I took this photo early Sunday morning when I was about half-way done). I figure each kit I make will take me about two hours of work, just kitting.On Sunday we drove out to the Dunes and sat for a while overlooking the beach. It was chilly in the shade where we had our picnic. We drove a bit down Lake Front Drive and visited the houses from the 1933 World's Fair.All are in some state of reconstruction. It's taking forever and we rarely see much progress on the outside. It has been fascinating to watch. They were all very badly deteriorated when the project began.This is our favorite, a Florida house with decks and patios overlooking the lake (if the shore erodes much more, it will be in the lake!)My hubby is reflected in the window--taking some serious photos.This is an oyster plant. We didn't know so we stopped at the Visitor Center and looked it up. Strangely, the park rangers didn't know what it was either. But we found it in the book they keep on hand.This is spider wort, in silhouette. They were everywhere near the dunes and just this year we have a few in our back yard (we're quite thrilled!) The plants are striking. Here are the blooms, pretty purple flowers:

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