Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Eye Candy

I didn't stitch any of the embroideries in today's blog post. I do reprint them here with the designer/embroiderer's permission. I think it's awesome work.So here they are for your enjoyment. I previously posted some of lin's pieces here. She likes to do intensive regional and ethnic studies and then compile the designs into samplers.This sampler below really got to me--I think it's just great. All motif's she's collected. I know some of my friends really will like it, too. She's a traditionalist so I am pretty sure the samplers above are done with traditional colors. The lovely one below, though...I dunno. I don't think of hot pink as a traditional color anywhere!lin doesn't have a blog nor an Internet presence. I'm very happy she's allowing me to share her work.By the way--this is really fine linen she's working on and counting. I remember using 36 count when I took one of her classes and I think she was using finer then.

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