Monday, January 31, 2011

Still in the 17th Century...

I do believe I'll be talking a lot about my Jacobean Crewel course. Simply because I'm at the obsession stage and it's just about all I'm thinking about.Right now I'm reading English Domestic Needlework: 1660-1860 by Therle Hughes. It's not dated and a quick search didn't turn one up but suspect early to mid 20th Century. The author has some interesting biases, but unlike most of the books in my collection this is not a book for stitchers but a book for admirers and collectors. And, unlike most of the books for stitchers, it has references and sources. The author read wills, inventories, and other historical documents to determine what embroideries were considered important enough to inventory, what things cost, and, in some cases, who was doing the actual embroidery (the lady of the house, servants, or professionals). I'm learning a lot and finding a lot to think about. I'm also finding it interesting that I know I set this book aside many years ago as far to boring to read. Then I think I was more into "how"--now I'm thinking a bit more about why perhaps.

Still in the same period, I took a break from reading and stitched this lovely little Glittering Snail from Thistle Threads. The design is free on her site, but proceeds from the sale of the materials kit benefit the Fashion Museum in Bath's endeavor to house all of their gloves collection in archival boxes.
The kit had some really interesting silk wrapped wire threads, along with silks, check silver--even the silk backing fabric and floss for the twisted cord trim. I really enjoyed making this project.

We're gearing up for a big blizzard that's scheduled to hit tomorrow. The NeedleArtisans of Northwest Indiana meeting has been cancelled. Wish us luck!

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Rachel said...

I'm stitching the Glittering Snail too - it's rather fun, isn't it!