Friday, February 4, 2011


We had two unprecedented snow days this week--I've not had a snow day since I've worked here!Out in the suburbs, it was better than in the city. I've experienced worse and we have snow blowers now and very nice neighbors--and we had the benefit of no snow on the ground for this to pile on top of and plenty of warning. Unlike those on the East Coast who just keep getting the snow piled upon them endlessly! Okay, this is a bit of a stretch, sorry we were moving on a snow-packed and bumpy road and I'm shooting through our windshield, but if you look closely at the tire on the back of the SUV the snow has formed a smiley face on the tire. Hubby spotted it. It was done by the configuration of the tire and not by human hands. It just seemed so jaunty and happy, I had to try for a picture.This was our street Thursday morning. We were pretty much dug out by then.And for some needlework content--I added beading to the flaps of a couple of the fat-quarter bags from my last post. Sewing on beaded trim is just a total pain. But I do think it's cute.

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Rachel said...

And in addition, the colours of the bag make such a bright punctuation mark at the end of a post full of snow!

I hope the weather doesn't worsen for you, all the same.