Wednesday, February 2, 2011

And now for something completely different...

At last month's Homewood Embroiderer's Guild meeting Carol had this really cool little purse. So I went hunting and found the Origami purse pattern My sister had just given me two really cool fat quarters and I decided this would be perfect. (They're on the right in the picture below.)As I was getting ready, I also found some Oriental design fat quarters to use. I got some black fat quarters for backing and I was off and running. I made all five purses in a day from cutting the FQs into squares to worming the rat-tail handles through the casing. (It would have gone quicker but, sad to say, my sewing machine still is not right. The tensioner keeps grabbing and breaking the thread.) Below is a picture of the purse flattened out. (this is one of the prints my sister found for me.) Since I work in the kitchen, I doubled up and made some awesome stuffed cabbage rolls for dinner, too. Below is a photo of the completely lined and finished inside--part of the whole origami folding thing. While the backing fabric shows here and there, one fabric really does dominate the project.And last, here's a photo of the little pockets on the outside. My sister also gave me some beaded trim which I plan to handsew onto the pointy flaps on a bag or two. These are smallish bags, I didn't measure but maybe 6" high by 8" wide. You set a lot of the shape by how far down you fold the triangle points and how wide you stitch the inside triangle to square the bottom. Some of my bags are shorter and wider and others taller and narrower. I secured some to the pockets by hand part of the ways up. Others I just tacked at the bottom of the "v."

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