Tuesday, March 19, 2013

NANI This-n-That Workshop

On Saturday we had a This-n-That workshop on how to get your design for embroidery onto fabric.  We had a lot of fun playing with the techniques. Above is a traced design colored in with crayons. We experimented with using a "improvised" light box, a large window and the prick-and-pounce method to find out which techniques worked best for us.
Here are a variety of traced and ironed on designs. Some use iron on crayons, some were traced using an iron-on pencil, and some were printed iron-on designs.  They were colored with iron-on crayons or regular crayons or dye sticks.
This was a snowflake cut from freezer paper, ironed onto the fabric and then used as a mask for rubbing with dye sticks.
Hard at work on a design inspiration.  We experimented to see which pens, pencils and coloring media we liked best. 
We ended the day stitching on projects we brought.

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