Friday, June 14, 2013

Family Visit

Last weekend we all got together for barbecue and sat overlooking the Fox River as we chowed down.  It was overcast but otherwise lovely--not to hot, not to buggy, not to cold. And not raining. That's saying something for Chicago these days!
 Here's my sister with her gimpy foot (she broke a bone in it a couple of weeks ago).
 And the sister-in-law's new sweater--she designed it herself and it is really lovely. I didn't get a photo of her equally lovely hand-knit original dress. 
And I have a finish to show. I made another chain maille bracelet and earrings set.  I also got some inexpensive colored aluminum rings to play around with chain maille patterns.  It was fun to just play.  I'm at work on a third bracelet set. 

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Jenny Woolf said...

It's nice when everyone gets together. I am glad you had a good visit.