Tuesday, July 2, 2013

New project

Last week at the Midwest Fiber and Folk Art Festival I got the kit to knit a shawl--Lavish from Mia Bella in Highland Park. The shawl I have on the needles is from them, but it's more complex and takes a lot more attention than I believe this one will.
The designer ordered the colors from darker tan to lighter and then lighter blue to darker.  It made me think of the dunes in Indiana.  When I look at the dunes the sand bars often show through the water so I'm thinking of reorganizing the colors to mix them up.  My new order is above.
And here's the start.  It's a pretty simple eight-stitch repeat lace pattern, so I should be able to knit it without too much difficulty. But after you knit halfway across, you reverse the pattern--so it certainly won't get boring, either. As long as I have eight stitches between the markers, I'm good.  It's hard to see lacy knitting until it's blocked. I smashed this on the scanner to try and get an idea of the lace.  

A picture of the pattern and original color organization is here.

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Jenny Woolf said...

Hmmmmm if I was doing that I know I would forget to reverse the pattern! :)