Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Baby Quilts-Layouts

Here are the layouts for the two baby quilts. The final size should be 36" X 44"--which is crib size. They look a lot bigger here because the squares have the seam allowances all around and they're spaced out a bit. 
You can see how the angle and the light changes the colors.  The colors in the picture above are more accurate. We tried every color option in the center of the design above, before deciding that yellow was best.

I wanted the patterns to be very different and I think these two designs accomplish that.
After we had them laid out, and took the pictures to use a guides, we carefully stacked each row and then all the rows and placed them into baggies and squeezed out the air (thanks Nan!) so that they will not shift around.
The next step is to piece each row across and then to sew the rows together to make the quilts.  I'm borrowing a sewing machine from a friend for that step.

I'm thinking about tying them, rather than quilting. Do you know if that's as long lasting?  I'm not planning to use batting, just the top and bottom layers.

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Jenny Woolf said...

I don't know what tying as opposed to quilting, means. But I would say that little fingers usually manage to do a surprising amount of damage to anything that is not as solid and secure as it can possibly be!