Sunday, December 29, 2013

Fun paper stockings

For many years, I've stuffed stockings. First for my siblings, beginning when I was in college, and then, as our family grew, for my parents, siblings, husband and their spouses.  I made stockings for the kids as they came along but told the parents that filling was up to them (they still do fill them, too, I love that!)

So this year I was lagging and idealess and was going to skip it.  Then I got an idea. 
I had one idea for one item (small LED flashlights). So I drew a stocking on paper, kind of zentangle-ish.  Copied it. Got out the sewing machine. Backed it with notebook paper I had on hand and stitched around the outline. When it was nearly complete, I tucked in the light and a couple of candies and stitched it shut.  I stapled on a small felt ornament for color.  I was going to color them but ran out of time.  I left the blank at the top for names, but ended up writing them in that big star near the top.  I was rather pleased with it.  I left the image full size, so if you click on it, you should be able to print your own stockings to stitch up.

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terryb said...

This is so cool! Zentangle is really intriguing. Catherine Jordan used the technique in some of her pieces as show and tell in her lecture for Winning Ways at Seminar. I think she may be teaching a couple of the projects for EGA seminar next year.