Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Awesomeness

 My sister hosted our Christmas gathering and we had a wonderful day. We had a great dinner, scooted upstairs to trim the baby quilts I'm working on and cut the bindings (I could not have made them without my sister's help!), and then gathered around the tree. 
 The paper began to fly. (My sister made the cool table runner my sister-in-law is holding.)
 My niece is holding the amazingly awesome jointed teddy bear she made for me. I adore him.
 More unwrapping.
Hubby and my friend are opening their stockings and vamping with some candy cigarettes from my stocking stash of goodies.
The aftermath. We all sat back and took a deep breath and then wandered about to chat and visit and look at each other's gifts. 

I am truly blessed to have such an awesome family.

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Jenny Woolf said...

I loved seeing the photos specially after reading about it in your email. I can't believe that amazing teddy!