Monday, May 19, 2014

Out and About in Nature

Sorry for the long silence. Work got very busy with long, long days for a while there. I've been trying to focus on resting and reviving my energy on weekends. To help, we've been trying to take weekend walks in nature. A few weeks ago we went out to Bailey at the Indiana Dunes for a spring wildflower walk.
We saw this corkscrewed tree near the entrance. I assume it was an insect infestation of some sort that caused it.
Mrs. Bailey's hyacinth's still bloom after 150 years!  (We're not there they were hers, there were a couple of other farms in the area, but many around around the Bailey homestead and we like to think of them as hers.
The May Apples were getting ready to bloom. Their single white blossom is sheltered under the canopy like leaf.
Spring Beauties were everywhere. We also saw Trout Lilies, Jack-in-the Pulpits, violas and violets, Trout Lilies, Toothwort, and Bloodroot. And a critter--a woodchuck or muskrat (he was in some bushes to it was hard to tell).  We watched each other for a bit and then he waddled off.

I'm really enjoying our walks this year and finding them very restorative.

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Walks in nature truly are restorative...good for the body and good for the soul. Nice photos! I have been doing some of the same.