Thursday, May 1, 2014

I did it!

I did it--I stitched the Kloster blocks all around and they matched at the final corner. I was very impressed with my younger self, that I did so much stitching in a new technique so accurately. I took this picture with the piece in my lap, just after taking the final stitch.
Now it will probably be on the back burner, blog wise. Endless Ships, Faggoting, and Eyelets. I'll let you know when I begin cutting.
So, I began a new project, in conjunction with my EGA chapter's crazy quilting ideas classes. I recently posted about a crazy quilting project I'm planning here.  When I got that silkie and fabrics, I also bought a kit to make three ornaments. I know I get smaller projects done more quickly and I often use them go get me into the mood to tackle something bigger in that technique.

 I'm even sadder now to see Evening Star Designs go out of business--her instructions are fabulous!  Above is #1 completely pieced.  I probably shouldn't have cut it out, but I couldn't quite get my head around the diamond shape. The basting is the stitching line.
This is #2 pieced, with the cutting line and seam line basted.
Number 3 is just getting under way.
Here's the cover from the kit. She includes a piece of firm paper with a shape to trace and a cut out window to use for creating your own center if you don't use a silkie, all materials, including the cording and plenty of coordinating fabrics, and those wonderful detailed instructions.
Basking a bit in that completed corner. 

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Erica said...

Wahoo! Well done. The Hardanger looks amazing. Crazy quilting...I love doing it but so far not mad keen on my results, except for little heart shaped ring keepers. I did three of those; one for each daughter-in-law. Good luck with yours.