Thursday, May 29, 2014

Viewing Art

The mosquitoes have arrived, so this weekend we visited the Brauer Museum of Art on the campus of Valparaiso University in Indiana. It's a lovely small gallery in a interesting arts building.
 They allow photos if you don't use flash.  The sweet Chagall above is on display with other pieces by various artists that have been added to the Museum's permanent collection. We both were very fond of this piece. 
 The main gallery has an exhibit by two local artists called Parallel Pursuits. Tom Brand (above) and Carol Stodder (below).
 This painting was part of a one-person show in a smaller gallery. The artist is Eleanor Lewis.
 I think the piece below is by Tom Brand but I have to admit I don't know for sure.
We enjoyed the long holiday weekend. I did some work on long-term projects, like the EGA Challenge and the Hardanger table cloth and the red knit scarf. Nothing to show, just more of the same. 

On Memorial Day visited the nearby cemetery where many of Steve's family are (my family is further away, we do generally get over there once a year or so). I counted this year as we walked from place to place, and with family, friends, and parents of friends, we cleared off 16 head stones (I'm saying we, but he wielded the weed whacker and did all the work). 

For years we'd thought that the tradition of visiting the cemetery on Memorial Day had died out--we'd go, usually late in the afternoon, and be the only people there. Of our family and friends, we're the only ones I know who keep the tradition.

This weekend we learned the habit is still strong, but our timing was off. We went in the late morning, just in time to catch the tail end of the huge multi-generational crowd that was dispersing after the Memorial Day field mass. Many were lingering, clearing headstones and chatting quietly.  It was nice to see and know we're not alone in our remembrances.


Lelia said...

ditto - charming chagall!

Jenny Woolf said...

Oh, that Chagall is really charming. The others are pretty, too.