Saturday, March 7, 2015

Taking Classes

I signed up for this year's EGA challenge. 
I have absolutely no idea what I'll do. Right now I have way too many ideas swirling.  I need to keep stirring the pot until something pops out.

I'm also taking the 101 Introductory class on Crazy Quilting from Kathy Shaw.  It is about selecting fabrics and colors and designing crazy quilt blocks and quilts.
One of the first lessons was printing your own silkies. Which is when I learned my ink jet printer is out of ink. I hand colored my silkies with fabric markers, colored pencils, and pastels.  I kind of like the effect.  The one on the left is a good friend's grandmother. The one on the right was part of the class handout. Specific images were selected so that lessons could be taught in later classes.
This is my triadic color scheme with neutrals. I think I will use these colors with the butterfly girl.
I haven't quite placed this color scheme on the color wheel, but I like it. The yellow is complementary to the purple and the orange to the blue, and the green balances it.  For neutrals, I like the white but think the yellowish muslin is too yellow. Perhaps more of a beige, which I haven't found yet in my piles.

Taking photos is very helpful in doing this task. Seeing things through the lens changes my perceptions of them.  Plus, I can desaturate the image and check the range of values. 

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Jenny Woolf said...

That is so pretty!