Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Still Winter Here

I have hopes of Spring.  I saw a robin this morning. In the snow, but a real robin. Yesterday on our morning walk we heard birds twittering. Both good signs. Not so good was the really nasty ice this morning. My walking partner fell (I was freaked; she said she was fine). rain followed by cold...very slick.

I finished this last week. Designs like this will be in a new book by SJ Designs. Even back in the 60s I didn't embrace orange, but I am now. Ever since I learned in Thai birth colors, based on the day of the week you were born, my color is orange. This is very orange.  I used floche on linen.
 Last weekend we visited the Oak Park Conservatory for a bit of sunshine and spring flowers. It's a small conservatory (doable even when I coudn't walk). This year's springtime display was lovely.
 I love the colors but the zig-zag just takes my breath away.
 I think this tree was invented by Dr. Seuss. It had to be.  It's very silly. A Who tree.
We've been studying color in my EGA chapter and I kept seeing red-green complements.
 In addition to a number of absolutely huge koi in the pond, there was a new group of babies darting around, too.  (and blue-orange complements)
 Another Dr. Seuss plant.  If you look close, it has yellow thingys coming out of the top.
 Hubby looking at the lemons (Ponderosa lemons--yes, they really are that big).
 With light shining through it you see all sorts of swirly textures.
 With the light in front of it, the leaf (same leaf) looks like velvet.
I love this window in the succulent's room.  I'd like a window like this in my house.

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Jenny Woolf said...

Quite an oasis, the conservatory.
I don't know what I think about orange. I think I overdosed on it once. It used to be my favourite colour.