Thursday, April 23, 2015

Back to Int'l Quilt Festival

Some followup on this event last month.  First, in a baggie of random silk fragments that I got (I get one each time I go to this event just for the fun of it), I found a fragment of Japanese embroidery.
I think it's pretty cool.  That cord in the upper left is something I will learn in a future phase.

I also completed the books from Belinda Spiwak's monoprinting class. I added pages to both and brushed printed pages with some gesso to allow me to write on them. 
I liked my cover so much, I made a title page on the first page of the book.The picture of the sleigh determined that the book would be bound at the top instad of the side. 
This is the back of my booklet.  The front and back covers of the tag book are pretty much the same. I made them very different on the booklet. Hubby picked which cover would be front. 

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