Friday, April 17, 2015

Giveaway Winners

First, the news. I printed out the comments, cut them into individual strips, folded them and tossed them in the air at my keyboard until one fell to the floor. It was the comment by bubbygigi, who won the acorn pattern. Then I repeated the tossing activity and the second strip to fall to the floor was Jane S. Congratulations! The packages will be on their way once I have your addresses. 

 I haven't been stitching much. More (endless) bunnies. I've been organizing instructions for a workshop I'm leading this weekend. We'll be meeting at House of Stitches so stash enhancement and a class! 

 The older generation in my family gathered on Easter for barbecue burgers and conversation.  Here's an overview (look at the gorgeous quilt on the wall--my sister's work).  My sister-in-law is knitting away on a new project.
Here's another view of the quilt and the quilter.  That's my brother in the background.
And my sister-in-law shows off her newest finish. This is before it was blocked, so the lace isn't showing at its best. It is very pink.  I love these circular/spiral vests (this isn't the first she's knit!).
And me, I sat on the couch and made bunnies. More and more bunnies.  I think I'm at three dozen. (for some reason three dozen sounds like a lot more than 36!)


Anonymous said...

Three dozen is a lot of bunnies!!!

bubbygigi said...

Margarine, thank you so much for the acorn kit. It looks like it will be a really challenging project but thoroughly enjoying to work on. The envelope just came today and I couldn't wait to thank you.
Happy stitching,
Gita (bubbygigi)