Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Last night I didn't get to the fusible. PBS was airing a program on the Parthenon that I wanted to watch so I sat and made some hearts using the Clover template. I have two hearts, this one and a large one, a flower and at teeny-tiny circle. I got them at Jo-Ann's, but they vanish quickly.

The templates are quick and fun to use and there's no tedious fussy cutting.

Planning for Valentine's Day (I usually make my sweetie a Valentine), I had on hand a block of fat-eighths in pinks and reds, all washed and pressed and ready to go.

In short order I had four large hearts and four small ones completed. I think I'll use some small ones in a Pink Challenge square. As for the Valentine, I'm still thinking about ideas.

First comes the birthday though (hubby's birthday is Sunday)!

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