Thursday, January 10, 2008

holiday gifts

My friend Jenny always sends the very best presents. This year for Christmas she gave me a needlpoint pincushion kit. Not a stitcher herself, she nonetheless finds unique designs made by small designers that are always great fun.
Here is the kit cover, the colors and my beginning row and the designer information. This kit is for charted needlepoint and is very complete with all of the threads, canvas and a lovely coordinating backing fabric.

Jenny also sent an incredible book. It is in two languages and I don't know what they are other than Eastern European (one is cyrillic and the other roman letters). The range of topic is amazing--embroidery, sewing (with patterns), knitting, weaving...anything to do with textiles is included. If anyone can identify the languages, I would be most apprecitative. Even without the text, the pictures and charts are quite complete and detailed... Here are the covers and some of the pages from this book. I've never quite seen anything like it and am finding all sorts of inspiration. I hope you do too.


Wawanna said...

Darling kit, have fun! The book looks quite interesting, lots of inspiration there. It is such a super gift you will enjoy for years to come. Best Wishes & happy stitching.

Olenka's Stitches said...

The Craft Album 1955 seems to be very interesting and unique. One of the languages it is written in is Russian, the other might be Lithuanian or a language of one of the Baltic states. If you need any help, you are welcome to e-mail me.

Diana Ostrat said...

Pinterest lead me here and I can clearly identify both languages - the cyrillic is Russian and the other is my native, Estonian. Most of these books seem to belong to the Soviet era, they had the tendency to use both languages in the same text back then. My Russian is not very good but if you need help with Estonian, you can email me at