Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Take It Further

I still feel I'm really foundering with this. I have included a couple of pages from my journal showing the binding I plan to use and some fabrics I found in my stash.

I'm not sure how I want to put the pieces together. Or even what pieces to use!

I would like to keep this project as stash-based as possible but I'm already thinking I need to get Misty Fuse (I thought I had some but I can't find it so it most likely was just wishful thinking) and some printer ready sheer fabric.
I spent a lot of the weekend going through and discarding old magazines. I'd pull an article out here and there but mostly they're heading for recycling. They're starting to get musty in the basement. Magazines are my vice and every once and a while the piles get out of control. I go through each one first and reminisce.
I also worked along on mom's needlepoint sampler. The bands are large. Band 10, the one I'm on now, has five rows so I'm trying to do a row a day but last night I did more ripping than stitching.
On Saturday we went to an exhibit of folk or "outsider" art at the Lubeznik Center in Michigan City, Indiana. If you're in the Chicago/NW Indiana or Michigan areas, I recommend this museum. They have some really interesting shows. http://www.lubeznikcenter.org/ (they're also free.) They have classes, too, but are a bit far for us to have participated.

Sunday we went antiquing. We used to do this almost every weekend but now it's a rare excursion. This photo shows two of three butterflies on a brightly colored circular table cover I found. It's stitched with "Art Silk" (rayon) from probably the 30s.

These are two hanger covers. I am always happy to find them because I use them in my closet to protect fragile clothing or things I don't wear too often. I love the embroidery on them.

I also found these two charming pictures of young boys, one in a kilt! I keep looking at Pat Winter's recent dolls and thinking I would like to use some of my photographs for something like that.

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