Tuesday, February 5, 2008

February Take-It-Further Challenge

I've spent some time working through my ideas for the challenge on paper. I think this will end up being mostly a stash project, which will be a very nice thing.

Thanks to Wawanna for encouragement. It really helps. Thanks also for the comments from Leila and TerryB--I had hoped the choice of Liberace would bring back some memories for others.

He wasn't a major part of my life, my mom wasn't one of his many dedicated fans, but, still, he was around (and hard to miss) for much of my childhood and young adulthood!

Although rick-rack was a close second---I'd love to do a page all about rickrack and how we used it to edge, trim, make lace, create flowers... It certainly made life bright and a page about rick-rack would be fun to do. Maybe in my second life...

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Sue in western Washington, USA said...

I''m going to be interested to see how you "resolve this design"! It's a unique subject, that's for sure!