Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentine's Day

I've taken some time out from my TIF challenge to work on a Valentine for my hubby. I usually give him something I've made from a poem to an embroidery.
This year I've been making lots of yo-yo hearts with my Clover tools, using quilting fabrics in pinks, reds and whites.
I then stacked the little hearts onto bigger ones and tied them together with floss and old mother-of-pearl buttons. I ended up with 20 stacks.
Last night I stitched my stacks in to five rows of four hearts. Originally that was my plan and I'd be done but I decided that it needed a backing.
So late last night I cut out and pressed two different quilt-fabric rectangles, slightly larger than my hearts, and from a third fabric I cut a bias binding and pressed that in half. I also cut out batting.
This morning before work I pinned it together and then decided it needed a bit of trimming so I came to work with pink and red threads all over my black pants. Tonight I'll seam my bias and stitch it to the "quilt" and top it with the hearts.

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Lelia said...

Very cute!! Enjoy the day : )