Thursday, February 21, 2008

Over the moon!

My niece sent me an embroidery she did. This is the one for whom I did all of the wedding things. I didn't know she had any interest in embroidery but apparently she's recently picked it up. I am so thrilled. Not only that she's going to have the fun of stitching but maybe in the future we'll be able to do things together. Here it is--isn't it lovely! I'm just over the moon.

Once got got over my excitement from getting the package yesterday with the embroidery, some Christmas gifts I'd forgotten at my sister's, a packet of papers from our parent's estate all about the purchase of their first home and it's subsequent sale, and, oh, the memories, mom's worn out old kitchen shears!, I scanned my progress on Liberace and my niece's embroidery.

I finally settled down to do some work on Liberace at about 10pm last night, so I didn't do much and stayed up a bit too late at that. Full moon restlessness. Did you see the eclipse? It was eerie

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