Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Creepy Eye Pincusions

Yesterday Leila sent me a link to this cool tutorial for creepy eye bottle cap pincushions. I went home last night and made one. Mine has a vertical pupil for added creepiness. I began a second one. I think it will have green skin. Hallowe'en's coming!

I haven't been stitching much lately, just not motivated, so this feels very good. It got the ideas flowing---for a less creepy pumpkin bottle cap pincushion and for a evergreen tree pincushion. I feel like I'm back!


Anonymous said...

Crazy! You come across the most interesting things! But then you are a very lovely and interesting person.

Jane said...

I love those eyeballs! I just got a book with dozens of ideas for pin cushions, but I'm too into my sampler right now to try any.

I can't believe how late guild is this month. You will have a good start on TIF before I even see you.


Anonymous said...

It is a little creepy, but I love your cat's eye pincushion!

Lelia said...

Hi Marjorie! Thx for the shout out. I tried to put a post up re.pincushions and half got deleted. Not sure if it is me or computer -- sigh. The part that is posted includes you : )

I got the pincushion book & it really is cute. From the library. Not sure if I'd buy it - money is too darn tight right now after getting the new roof.

I will patiently wait for my ship to come in - with pots of gold ... not : )

Tyanne said...

Cute idea for a pincushion but I would never be able to use it.. I just can't imagine poking pins and needles into that eye. Too funny