Monday, September 29, 2008

loads of goodies

Yesterday I received a belated birthday gift from Lula. It was chock full of the best goodies -- luscious laces, ribbons, trims, buttons and roses!

Her card features dressmaking fairies which remind me of my favorite scenes from Cinderella, with the birds and mice making the perfect dress, and Sleeping Beauty, with the fairies who kept changing the dress's color as they worked on it. Needless to say, this is the perfect card for me!

She wants to see what I do with them. I'm itching to dye some of the laces.

But then, what if I leave them white and use them on brighter fabrics? Or an all white design, just the texture of the laces. And the buttons.

And I want to hunt through my stash for fabrics to complement them. Already I find myself grouping the ones that feel compatible to me. I have two piles now, neutrals and brights. Perhaps I should mix them up a bit.

The last time she sent gorgeous ribbons I ended up folding them into 2" squares to put in a little box of 2" fabric collage squares I keep on my desk at work. I couldn't bear to cut into the ribbon and folded and tacked it into place to show both sides.

I feel the urge for some crazy quilting coming on!

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful package! I especially like that second-from-the-top lace. Wish I had that one! They are all beautiful, though.