Friday, September 5, 2008


It's been a quiet week and I haven't been stitching or home much at all to do anything. This month's TIF challenge is lists. When I looked it up, the dictionaries only had list (singular). There were some very interesting's my list of what I found in the Oxford English Dictionary.

Hearing; the sense of hearing. to have or give a list: to give ear, be attentive, keep silence.
Art, craft, cunning. Also phr. by or with list.
Border, edging, strip. a. gen. A border, hem, bordering strip. Obs.
Pleasure, joy, delight; Appetite, craving; desire, longing; inclination.
The careening or inclination of a ship to one side; A leaning over (of a building, etc.).
A catalogue or roll consisting of a row or series of names, figures, words, or the like. In early use, esp. a catalogue of the names of persons engaged in the same duties or connected with the same object; spec. a catalogue of the soldiers of an army or of a particular arm; also in phr. in or within the list(s, in list
The flank (of pork); a long piece cut from the gammon

Ready, quick (esp. of hearing). Also applied to rooms, etc. in which one hears well.

Some of these are appealing, especially the first few, but I know that those meanings were not Sharon's when she said "Lists." So I'm going to go home and cogitate.

I think I'm so imbued with lists and listing things that I can't see the forest for the trees.

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