Wednesday, September 17, 2008

September TIF done

Here's my September TIF journal page on lists, all done, early for a change!

I stitched my chain of lists in a random order and intertwined them a bit when I stitched them to the background. The binding loops are more selvedge strips.

The top and bottom edges are "finished" edges of selvedge strips. I left the sides unfinished. I was going to bind them and then I realized, lists are never done, they're never finished, so I left the sides unfinished.

There's more description of the selvedge background in my previous posting.

It's certainly colorful, a bit raggedy feeling and uncharacteristic for me and to get myself back to my comfort zone I added a plain backing of tan felt, attached with buttonhole stitch in red perle cotton. I wrote the title with a Sharpie. I can now check this off of my to-do list!


Tyanne said...

Clever idea. It is fun to see the different ways our minds work to meet this challenge.

Jane said...

I really like this one! It's not beautiful, but it really captures the way I feel if I'm so far behind I need to make lists: chaotic and tied up, with no peace or place to rest. That's how I feel if I try to work a rotation "list."


neki desu said...

very,very clever interpretation. i think the randomness and the loopsgives it a lot of movement

neki desu