Monday, October 6, 2008

more pincushions

My endless headache seems to be gone (for now) and the weather here has improved. I spent my down time this weekend making more (and more) pincushions.

This beauty is from Bird Brain Designs. I bought it as a kit at the Great Lakes Regional Seminar in Madison last spring. It took me this long to get to it but once I did, it worked up quickly.

The kit came with the really nice wool pincushion, wool fabrics, roving, felting needles and instructions. I had plenty of materials and had great fun. I used the felting needles that came with the kit and also a four-needle Clover felting needle I'd gotten.

The Clover needle was a great (safe) way to tack things down at the beginning (it has a guard to keep the needles from attacking my fingers). But it leaves a very flat appearance. I find you can have a lot of control with the single needle and can place edges where you want them and manipulate the fibers better.

The colors in the photo are actually brighter than in reality. Must have been the flash this morning. The pincushion base is beige and the green a pretty dark green. I plan to use it to hold felting needles since it's so thick and sturdy.

I'll post more of my bottlecap pin cushions tomorrow or Wednesday. More photos on my Flikr page.


Anonymous said...

Love your pincushions. Thanks for the tip about single needle felting and multi-needle felting. I want to try it soon and have been wondering about this. You are VERY creative.

Jane said...

This turned out beautiful! Felting is so much fun.

I'm glad your headache seems to be getting better.


Anonymous said...

This is very cute - you will be drowning in pincushions soon! they are such a good vehicle for doing a little embroidery or trying new things though (and easy to actually finish)

Lelia said...

So beautiful : ) all your pins are happier now !!!