Monday, October 27, 2008

old news

This feels a bit old news to me because I have some new pictures I'm itching to post, but I just can't skip over these fun things. First things first!

This first image may not look too exciting but I'm thrilled. Take a peek at the amazing hemstitching on this pillowcase. It was a very surprise gift from a friend. She knows how I very much prefer to sleep on old cotton pillowcases. I used to buy them in antique shops because they were very reasonably priced and pretty--and then found I like them much better than new.


The next pictures are pure eye-candy. Last weekend (the 18th) we visited the open house at Ellen Anne Eddy's Studio. Definitely Thread Magic! I was excited for the chance to see her quilts up close and in person. I hadn't thought that she might have things for sale! I got a lovely stash that I'm still regularly fondling and contemplating.

Ellen's quilts are amazing and I love how she dyes her fabrics. She works to convey the effects of a definite light source--can you see it in the pictures? I also got a load of dyed cheesecloth, perle cotton, and a magical piece of sheer fabric, shown together in a photo.

I loved meeting and chatting with Ellen and her friends (and her amazing greyhounds--they are so sweet and loving and I was very sad to learn Beau suddenly died this week). I also got a sneak peek at a design tutorial Ellen is working on. (Check out the one one her website--it's great.)

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Jane said...

I'm glad you are enjoying the pillow case. I haven't slept on any of my new ones yet.

You had a nice weekend! I'm wondering how some of my dyed threads will work on a temari.