Thursday, October 30, 2008

recent projects

I spent some fun time last week stitching up these sweet little baskets. On Thursday I had several doctor appointments (get it over with at once!) and this was the perfect project to bring with me.

Ann taught this at a recent Homewood Embroiderer's Guild meeting. They're paper pieced pentagons and they make sturdy baskets. I have to admit I totally copied World Embroideries' blue basket (down to the clever contrasting center). I think hers is nicer but I still like mine. (My first attempt was so badly stitched I covered the seams with ribbon to hide them.)

All are wintry/holiday fabrics and I think the hanging ones will make nice ornaments, perhaps with a few candies in them. The sitting ones will also hold candy, but I was thinking perhaps rings or thimbles...

A while back I ordered two kits from Vintage Vogue for their signature Victorian Heart Pin and then forgot all about them--the kits were on backorder. They arrived last week and I put the first together this weekend. The instructions are clear, the materials generous and I had a lot of fun creating the pin. Choosing the colors for the flowers and the placement is a fun challenge. I've set the second kit aside until I finish this month's TIF.


Jane said...

LOL, you know imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so I'm flattered! I really like your heart pin too.

Anonymous said...

Always love your variety of projects. Especially love the vintage vogue piece.